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Jan 05

Status update #0004

After couple of weeks of downtime due to my fault (I REALLY am sorry bout that), server is back online.

Sep 10

Status update #0003

  • Server is up n running again.

Sep 09

Status update #0002

  • Server has been offline for 2-3 days due to some bad things that happened during host maintenance.
  • We do not have server online ETA – we are waiting for host support response.
  • We are sorry and unhappy ourselves bout all that free game time lost during the weekend.

Sep 01

Status update #0001

  • Map is being increased to 5000×5000 blocks. Have fun exploring.
  • Both server and website will be gradually translated into English.
  • All old and unrelevant server-related info will be slowly archived. Patience!

Aug 07

Survival v1.12 Official

Welcome, Minecrafters
We have both good and bad news for you.

Some good news:

– LTcraft Survival server is once again available to play.
– It is running Minecraft v1.12.1.
– Residence, Jobs, MCMMO and other game experience enhancing plug-ins are in play.
– Project is expected to last at least 2-3 years from now
– Map changes/updates will be implemented whenever game updates bring something new into maps (blocks, animals, NPC’s). Settlement relocation program will be implemented. Within reason. At this moment in time we think settlers should retain their ranks and some stats during map updates.
– Server is accessible only while using an official account.

And the bad news:
– Server is accessible only while using an official account.
– Some anti-cheat plug-ins are in effect.
– Bugs are to be expected as server is still being ironed out. Please report all inconsistencies you spot to us. It will benefit all.
– At this moment, player cap is set at 5 players max. Server is running on minimal hardware that will be expanded if and when need will arise.
– Map size is arround 1500×1500, but it will soon be expanded to allow normal game-play.

Little and very honest heads-up about general server policies:
– Server is created solely for owners’ pleasure, so that we had safe, secure, stable and long lasting game-play for ourselves.
– Other players are invited to play alongside if longterm stability is what they look for.
– All server development, bug fix is based on one person and his good will, free time and general wish to do something. Don’t expect any miracles out of this server.
– We accept all ideas, remarks, wishes related to server and general game-play and will take them into consideration. Nevertheless, most often we will do what WE think is in the best interest of fair and interesting game-play.
– If so happens and bigger server community rises from the ashes, that looks for stable, secure, lag-free, long lasting game-play, map updates after major Minecraft updates and settlement relocations during those updates, we have nothing against it. But we may be inclined to ask this community to contribute to constant server upkeep costs.

If any questions arise, we can be contacted via Telegram:


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