General gameplay:

Q. Are chests protected?
A. Chests are protected only inside residences.

Q. I can not see the crafting book, it disappeared from inventory menu.
A. Update texture pack, it has to match server version for crafting book to be displayed correctly.


Q. How many jobs can I undertake?
A. You can have 3 jobs. Each job has a maximum of 200lvls.

Q. What do numbers 1 to 5 mean while working as Explorer
A. They show how many people have already explored this chunk.

Q. If I join Explorer job, will I get money for all exploration that I have already done?
A. Explorer gives rewards only for exploring new chunks no one has visited before. No back-pay
for already explored chunks will be awarded.


Q. Do I have to fulfill ALL the requirements for next level-up or just some part of it?
A. You have to perform ALL of those required actions and to have ALL required items that are
described in the /rank info in your inventory to be able to increase your rank.


Q. Why are residences so expensive?
A. When residence is created, it automatically claims all vertical blocks above and below your
selected area (1-255 block height). It ensures better grief and bullying protection. Unfortunately
it increases residence price per claimed area as you get more volume to expand your creations.


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